sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

"Four miles turn Jorge Jesus into Judas and Sporting into a contender"

O amigo Eric Krakauer todos os anos faz um pequeno texto onde aborda o Sporting e a pré-época, os primeiros passos na nova temporada. Este ano repetiu a façanha, no seu site para "americano" ler e lá está a minha humilde ajuda. O texto pode ser lido aqui na íntegra.

"The massive financial investment in Jesus signals Bruno de Carvalho’s intent to finally have Sporting compete on equal footing with Benfica and FC Porto, and by all indications the coach’s short tenure appears to be guiding the club in that direction. Nevertheless, given Sporting’s failures over the past three decades, there is a fear that pushing the club to its financial limits could once again plunge it into distress, as was the case under Godinho Lopes’ presidency, when spending was indiscriminate.

Pedro Varela, who runs Bancada de Leão, a prominent Sporting blog, is quick to remind people that spending has always been a concern for Sporting fans, and that trophies dictate financial shrewdness. “We always worry if we pay too much or too little. Ultimately, only the end of the season will determine that, and whether we won the championship.”

He is certain, however, that this will be the most important season of Bruno de Carvalho’s presidency. “This [the hiring of Jorge Jesus] is his decisive play.”

For as long as anyone can remember, Sporting’s season will only be regarded as a success if Jesus guides the team to a league title. Anything less will smack of disappointment, if not failure.

Still, before the Lisbon Lions embark on a quest to win their first league title in fourteen years, Jesus must face his old team in the Super Cup on Sunday, in his very first competitive game wearing Sporting colors.

There could be no more fitting start for world soccer’s latest Judas."

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